Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Democrats and Hillary Rodham Clinton

Debbie Wasserman Schultz deserves to be on my Florida liars list.  I decided almost six years ago that Diane Baccus-Horsley also deserved to be on the list.

Judge Roberts accepted her erroneous rhetorical narrative rather than my lawyer's closing.  I have learned to bee suspicious of anyone who sounds like they were coached by Gloria Alredd or her daughter Lisa Bloom.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Scientific Method

Thanks to Neil deGrasse Tyson:

Do whatever it takes to avoid fooling yourself into thinking something is true that is not, or that something is not true that is.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Desktop Control

I battled Google and Windows for control of my desktop.  I won but my desktop is now wood.

I did many of things right.  I did not accept Google services until I got a copy of their Terms of Reference “printed out” in Microsoft OneNote.

That copy of OneNote notebooks is no longer processable on my computer.

How do I monetize this Blog?


Friday, March 16, 2018

Bridge Collapse

The eye witness said he saw something fell on the corner of the bridge and that is what brought the bridge down.

From other sources, I have heard that the bridge was undergoing stress testing at the time it went down.

If I recall other relevant details, I will post them here.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Politicization of Intelligence

POTUS43 misused intelligence to get us into Iraq.  At least his director of the CIA looked like a crook.

POTUS43 switched from counter-insurgency to counter-terrorism.  W went after terrorists (and countries that host them) almost everywhere.

“In the days after Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked and crashed four commercial jetliners on September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush ordered the National Security Agency to eavesdrop, without warrants, on American citizens and foreign nationals within the United States. His action represented the biggest shift in U.S. intelligence gathering in American history. But the true architect of that secret program, code-named Stellarwind, was a former Air Force intelligence officer who’d been picked to run the NSA two years earlier: General Michael Vincent Hayden. What a long way from Pittsburgh, where Hayden was born in 1945. His youth was western Pennsylvania through and through: Dad was a welder, and the family lived for Sundays, when they would attend mass and Steelers games. In college at Duquesne University, Hayden even worked at the Steelers’ summer training camp to help pay his tuition. He studied history, joined ROTC and started active duty in the Air Force in 1969.

“A registered Independent with no political background, Hayden came up through the ranks of Air Force intelligence, and in 1999 President Bill Clinton selected him to run that secretive organization nicknamed No Such Agency. When Hayden arrived, he found the NSA struggling to keep up with the technological tide. Two years later, 9/11 jolted him into unprecedented action, and he implemented rapid, transformational measures. Hayden’s Stellarwind program circumvented the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and even went beyond the authority of the Patriot Act passed by Congress.

“After The New York Times exposed the operation in 2005, Hayden still moved forward—but another, more damaging exposure lay ahead. Bush made him principal deputy director of National Intelligence and then promoted him to director of the Central Intelligence Agency in 2006. Hayden’s new position as top spy coincided with another CIA hire: Edward Snowden. The then 23-year-old computer tech later went to work for two NSA contractors, and in 2013 Snowden released confidential information on the spy program established by Hayden. The resulting firestorm implicated both the Bush and Obama administrations.”

Would POTUS44 spy on candidates to be POTUS45?

Saturday, February 18, 2017

How I found HQ8 Norelco Shaving Heads

My electric shaver says to change heads each year.  I replaced the heads in 2014.

I have been looking for HQ8 replacement heads for over a year.

Tonight, I looked at Wal-Mart for new Norelco shavers thinking that I may have to buy a new shaver to get new heads.

I selected a reasonable looking shaver.  It said use HQ8 replacement heads.

I went back to the selection of replacement heads.  The second shelf contained SH50 heads.  I noticed that on the box it said, “Replaces HQ8 heads”.

I’m sure there’s a lesson in here somewhere.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why Trump should select Ash Carter as SECDEF

Ashton B. Carter is a Democrat.  Most Administrations have considered bi-partisanship a positive attribute.

George W. Bush finally found a decent Secretary of Defense in Robert Gates.  The Obama Administration continued Bob Gates through Obama's first term.  Obama had no military experience other than as a Social Worker in south side Chicago.  Continuing Bob Gates assured the World (including NATO) that at least of of the NCAs was competent.

The Trump Administration can accomplish all of this with Ash Carter and get somebody smart that understands "the Iran Deal."

Senator Jeff Sessions has been mentioned as a candidate for AG and SECDEF.  The Republicans do not have too many senators in the Senate.  Consideration will be given to which party will gain by a Senator being elevated to the Cabinet.

I am not a fan of Big Government Newt Gingrich.  He's smart and should be utilized by Trump as appropriate.  Secretary of State might be a good fit.  I do not believe SECDEF would be.

The following is extracted from Wikipedia:

"Carter was nominated by President Obama to be the 25th United States Secretary of Defense on December 5, 2014.

"In his nomination hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, he said he was “very much inclined” to increase U.S. military aid to Ukraine  Speaking on the Middle East, he said the U.S. must militarily ensure a “lasting defeat” of Islamic State (ISIL) forces in Iraq and Syria. He said he is not in favor of increasing the rate of prisoner releases from Guantanamo Bay.  He also opined that the threats posed by Iran were as serious as those posed by the ISIL forces.

"He was approved unanimously on February 1, 2015, by the Senate Armed Services Committee. He was confirmed by the Senate on February 12 by a vote of 93–5 and sworn in by Vice President Joe Biden on February 17.

"The United States is coordinating closely with Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt, Qatar, and the other Sunni Arab allies in the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen against the Shia Houthis and forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was deposed in the 2011 uprising.

"In May 2015, Carter warned China to halt its rapid island-building in the South China Sea.
In October 2015, Carter has condemned Russian air strikes against ISIL and other rebel groups in Syria.

"On October 8, 2015, Carter, speaking at a meeting of NATO defence ministers in Brussels, said he believed Russia would soon start paying the price for its military intervention in Syria in the form of reprisal attacks and casualties.

"A controversy arose in December 2015 when it was revealed that Carter had used personal email account when conducting official business as Secretary of Defense.

"In January 2016, at Carter's direction, the Department of Defense opened all military roles to women, overriding a request by the Marine Corps to continue to exempt women from certain positions. In June 2016, Carter announced that transgender individuals would be allowed to join and openly serve in the military."

A Trump Administration would gain worldwide credibility by selecting Ashton B. Carter as its first SECDEF.  I would expect a Trump Administration to continually select the best person available.  General Flynn might be qualified in a second Trump Administration.