Monday, January 26, 2015

Strict Theory vs Just a Theory

Bill Nye's, the science guy, book,UNDENIABLE, addresses the evidence supporting evolution as a theory.

Theists despise Secular Humanism (aka France).

Some theists realize that the Big Bang is compatible with the concept of our world having a beginning.

My former father-in-law is/was such a theist.

The youth pastor at our in Florida church referred to evolution as "just a theory" in a sermon at our church in 2006.  I feel that referring to General Relativity and Quantum Electrodynamics as "just theories" is approximately equivalent to saying that Christianity is "just a Myth".

The best description of the proper role of theory that I have encountered is in William Feller's two volume work on Probability.  Copyrights should be outlawed for policy statements (e.g. General Petraeus would not state strategy in "his own words") and good technical writing.  Any changes from the "best version" degrades the communication and the concept.

Footnote on page 3 of Volume II of "An Introduction to Probability Theory and its Applications," William Feller.

The roles of rigor and intuition are subject to misconceptions.  As was pointed out in volume I, natural intuition and natural thinking are a poor affair, but they gain strength with the development of mathematical theory.  Today's intuition and applications depend on the most sophisticated theories of yesterday.  Furthermore, strict theory represents economy of thought rather than luxury.  Indeed, experience shows that in applications most people rely on lengthy calculations rather than simple arguments because these appear risky.  [The nearest illustration is in example 5(a).]

In volume I, Feller (page 4) states, "It must be understood, however, that we are concerned not with modes of inductive reasoning but with something that might be called physical or statistical probability.  In a rough way we may characterize this concept by saying that our probabilities do not refer to judgments but to possible outcomes of a conceptual experiment.  Before we speak of probabilities, we must agree on an idealized model of a particular conceptual experiment such as tossing a coin, sampling kangaroos on the moon, observing a particle under diffusion, counting the number of telephone calls.  At the outset we must agree on the possible outcomes of this experiment (our sample space) and the probabilities associated with them.....

In physics and chemistry, the ideal gas law represents economy of thought and includes mathematical rigor.  Economy of thought and minimal data are used to show that the Patriots nor Tom Brady were caught cheating in #DeflateGate.

The mathematical formula is PV=nRT.

The data needed for a baseline calculation consists of the following:

Atmospheric pressure = 14.7 lbs/in**2

Temperature at deflation observation = 51

Temperature at "room temperature/inspection":  72

Pressure requirement at inspection:  13.5 to 12.5 lbs/in**2

Tom Brady made it clear in his 1 hour interview on the topic that he prefers the lower part of the range.

To use the equation, T must be with respect to absolute zero.  The Rankine temperature is measured in Fahrenheit degrees.   T = Tf + 459.67

Pressure P is equal to Gauge pressure + Atmospheric pressure 

Evolution may or may not be "just a theory" but the Big Bang, General Relativity, QED, and the ideal gas law are strict theories.

With the above data, the gauge pressure at the beginning of the second half (51 degrees F), should be 11.43 lbs/in**2.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The State of the Union and the Space Elevator

President Obama's State of the Union for 2015 was a good sounding speech.  It covered enough topics for everything by the National Academy Press to be related to it (almost).

It was short on specifics.

It did not mention the Space Elevator.  The taxpayers have paid for a lot of work described in - the Space Elevator.

I was shocked to find that people where complaining on Twitter about the Space Elevator not being in #SOTUS again this year.

I saw the concept described in the August 2005 IEEE Spectrum and tried to get a friend to kill the program by describing how it is flawed.

Block II MILSTAR satelites are "low-inclination".  The MILSTAR program utilizes geosychronous orbits.  The locus of the point on the Earth which is immediately below them is a figure 8 pattern unless they are over the Equator. 

The Space Elevator is an excellent example of something that should be left to venture capitalists or Vladimir Putin.

On page 5.2 of the Final Report at an “angular momentum” problem is described.  I’m most concerned about the problem after deployment.  The angular momentum problem during use is significant.

First, the base station needs to be on the equator.  Second, we need two to maintain symmetry.  Otherwise climate will change.

The counterweight has to go around a 100,000 kilometer orbit every 24 hours.  Geosynchronous orbits are geostationary only over the Equator.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Life, Liberty, and Property

CNN's coverage of Charlie Hebdo was poor because of differences in our languages.  Wolf Blitzer used reasonable terminology when he said the US is "scouring" our databases for information on the two perpetrators.

Barbara Starr and all other reporters I heard reported that we were "scrubbing" our databases which means that we were trying to get rid of bad data.

My ex-father-in-law is a theist and I learned from him that "Secular Humanism" is the Devil Incarnate even though I didn't know what any of that meant.

The French don't think that highly of any religion.  Is there a word for sacrilegious in French?

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary includes only three antonyms for sacred:  nonreligious, profane, and secular.

As a Libertarian, I say we should focus on Government's core functions of protecting our Lives, Liberty, and Property.

Government funds should not be expended on protecting "In Your Face Protesters" such as most of the Political Correctness advocates, Al Sharpeton, and radical feminists.

If we can't communicate mundane stuff like looking through our databases, how can we hope to understand important stuff if there is a God?

Friday, January 9, 2015

Scouring vs Scrubbing

Communication is a process described by Parsons and Perry in the 1960s.  I will address that some other place or time.

An United States Air Force Colonel gets credit in online command and control literature for the OODA process.

I heard reports yesterday that the FBI was "scrubbing the database" for information on the Charlie Hebdo terrorists.

Scouring their database would mean they are looking at it intensely.  Scrubbing a database used to mean purging it of bad data.

Wolf Blitzer used reasonable terminology on the Situation Room yesterday.  Barbara Starr and all others I heard did not.

Does the Department of Defense translator for French to English know how to do his/her job?

I can imagine a language specialist not knowing the the implications of translating a request from the French to intensely search our databases.

Inteeroperability is still a problem.