Friday, January 9, 2015

Scouring vs Scrubbing

Communication is a process described by Parsons and Perry in the 1960s.  I will address that some other place or time.

An United States Air Force Colonel gets credit in online command and control literature for the OODA process.

I heard reports yesterday that the FBI was "scrubbing the database" for information on the Charlie Hebdo terrorists.

Scouring their database would mean they are looking at it intensely.  Scrubbing a database used to mean purging it of bad data.

Wolf Blitzer used reasonable terminology on the Situation Room yesterday.  Barbara Starr and all others I heard did not.

Does the Department of Defense translator for French to English know how to do his/her job?

I can imagine a language specialist not knowing the the implications of translating a request from the French to intensely search our databases.

Inteeroperability is still a problem.

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