Thursday, November 5, 2015

Deterrence Worked

The strategic nuclear people claim that Deterrence Worked.  In this arena, some believed that perception was more important than reality.

The GAO recently gave TSA a failing grade on security at airports.

The last thing we need is a scientific study to determine the probability of finding (or missing) items in our airport scans.

A new device might find something new.

When I was doing my thesis research at Argonne National Laboratory, the word going around the team was there was a mathematics professor at the University of Illinois, who after learning that the probability of a bomb being in someone's luggage was 1 in a million always put a bomb in his luggage so that the probability that there would be another bomb on his plane would be 1 in 10**12.

People have very strange beliefs about probability.

All you people who never plan to fly, talk up how porous our security system is.

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