Friday, September 9, 2016

In Defense of Gary Johnson

First:  I saw the interview on TV.  The question was very short.  There was no context.  I didn’t recognize that the question was about Aleppo (the town where the boy had been injured and photographed).  When Mr. Johnson said, “Oh, I get I it,” he wasn’t allowed to say any more.

Second:  25 entities report to the President and/or have Cabinet rank.  This exceeds what is normally considered the span of control by a factor of 2.5.  I claim the country needs a CEO for President.  The Department of State is one of the most important Departments.  However, the Secretary of State is only 1 of 25 vying for the CEO’s attention.

Wars are fought by the Defense Department (and by the CIA under the Department of State when Special Forces are used).  Both of these Secretaries should be knowledgeable in the activities of their Departments.  The CEO needs to be focused on Strategy and Nuclear Deterrence (manning the “football”).

CNN has changed a lot recently.  Corey Lewandowski now works for them.  I think it was on CNN where I heard "talking heads" debating whether it was a disqualifying moment.  A female said yes.  It is obviously being treated by the media as a potential "disqualifying moment".

Every moment when Hillary Rodham Clinton comments about "emails" or "ground troops" should be a disqualifying moment.

Donald J. Trump's potentially disqualifying moments are too numerous to mention and may be infinite but not more than denumerably so.

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