Friday, November 21, 2014

The New Narrative

Charity begins at home; take care of yourself first.  Democrats lie.

The old narrative was that when the media identified a problem the Federal Government should/would solve it for us.

Note to Chris Christy:  Richard Feynman said that an honest politician can't be elected.  We know that New York and Maryland politicians are crooked.  Feynman didn't specifically address a politician who tried to have someone else lie for him.

If a Federal Government shutdown presents a problem, the Federal Government is too large.  A commentator on TV earlier tonight said that James Madison was turning over in his grave.

We now realize that Postmodernism is not the answer.  We do know lots of narratives that the lawyers and Democrats have been expounding.  #WOW, #VAWA, Gruberspeak

Milton Friedman was right about a lot of things.  If you want a really big screw up, you have to get the government involved.  The Keynesians tried to negate his most obvious argument (timing).

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