Friday, October 2, 2015

My Battle with Google

I now have two HP computer devices. I have McAfee on both. The other device had McAfee provided by AOL. I purchased a disk for this device. Online McAfee thinks that the two accounts are identical.

This device has Credentials Manager on it. The other device had/has HP's simple password manager. I do not want my passwords stored "in the cloud" so want my Laptop and Notebook devices to rely on me for passwords.

This device did not work well for scanning in the fingerprints for me. The other device is very agreeable with me on the fingerprint reader.

I don't know what Credentials Manager is. Guess, I need to get the answer to that before I lose control of my email accounts.

I have a Motorola DROID MAXX that I purchased about a year ago to replace my Motorola RAZOR

For personal and financial security reasons, I don't want the World to have access to my Location.

If I try to use my DROID for anything other than a cell phone, I was confronted with "accepting" Google's "terms of use".

I did not want to do that until I could print a copy of the agreement to my OneNote notebook. It has been a challenge, but I have now printed a copy of the "terms of use" to the Notebook on my other device.

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