Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Battle with the Internet

I lost control of my desktop when my children gave me a Cisco hub which I could use to connect my Kindle which they gave me to the internet.  My apartment has an Ethernet port which connects me to the Internet.  Connecting everything in my apartment via “Wi-Fi” is “convenient”.

My youngest daughter and her husband probably used my computer to setup the hub.  When I got control of my computer my son-in-law had done something with my computer that got Godzilla thinking AOL was my homepage.  I don’t like Godzilla (aka FireFox by Mozilla).  I have been a user of AOL mail since the Creation.

My oldest daughter is a things person.  She things a persons activity should be monitored by a Fitbit Flex.

She thinks that photographs should be displayed in a Frame.

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