Wednesday, December 17, 2014

No Fault -- No Alimony

Florida became a "no fault" state in Dissolution of Marriage proceedings in 1971.

A truly no fault dissolution of marriage should only address a  Fair and Equitable distribution of assets (and liabilities).

I am a victim of Domestic Abuse and Elder Abuse.

My partner made unilateral decisions concerning the religiously oriented activities our two daughters should receive.  That is classic Male Privilege.

My partner has Master's Degree from an out-of-state private university.  Her three skills that I have observed are:

1.  She is good at obtaining volunteers
2.  She's very generous with someone else's money
3.  She is good at church history.

These are appropriate skills for a Director of Christian Education (DCE).

Women are no longer limited to a DCE role; they can now compete in and for the pulpits.

Following advice that she later regretted, my partner filed for divorce in April 2009.  The matter has not been settled.

I have seen and been victimized by the best divorce lawyer in Brevard County, Diane Baccus-Horsley.  She President Obama look like a truth teller.

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