Friday, December 19, 2014

Shouldn't it be CINC Obama rather than the FBI

The Huffingpost is reporting that the FBI is accusing North Korea of the Sony attack.

Shouldn't it be CINC Obama?


Several years ago I learned that a way to combat terrorism was to punish a worthy to be punished party for one of these international incidents.


If you punished the wrong party, there were two parties that knew you were wrong:


1) the one you punished (you should pick a worthy one)

2) the guilty party.


If the guilty party speaks up (convincingly), you punish them.


Nearly all people can believe that the guilty party has been punished after step 1.  In the past, we have had a tremendous advantage in terms of identification and verification sources.


I can now see how this can be applied to police work.


1)  Round up the usual suspect

2)  Punish someone worthy of punishment


Johnny Cash has a song about man being executed for a murder that he didn't do.  His mother knew that he was innocent of the murder because he was robbing a train that day.  I think the character had killed a number of people.


The crime and punishment were justified.  They were associated with the wrong victim. 


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